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Infiniti Electro-Optics provides long-range surveillance solutions that utilize EO/IR imaging, radar and RF signal triangulation for 24/7-day night threat detection and situational awareness for ground, air and marine. Infiniti also custom builds EO/IR imaging solutions that are optimized for ultra long-range performance and combine multiple sensor types including but not limited to visible, NIR, SWIR, LWIR and MWIR in one integrated PTZ solution for 360° and ±90° coverage.

Infiniti utilizes the latest hardware sensors such as visible and infrared imaging, radar, RF signal triangulation and PIDS for long-distance, 24/7 day/night situational awareness and threat detection that can be optimized for ground, air and marine. These sensors are then fused into a VMS or C²/C³ software that fuses multi-sensor data, applies AI signals processing and analytics for automated threat detection, tracking and alerts based on user-defined parameters, and plots threat positions on live maps, allowing operators to rapidly make informed decisions on legitimate threats rather than being overwhelmed with irrelevant data.

Infiniti’s sales and design engineers build turn-key solutions to offer the best solution based on budget, application, and mission objective. Infiniti has a proud track record of mission for success in border control, force protection, coastal surveillance, air base defense and perimeter security.

Infiniti Electro-Optics Sentry, STY-8M-49X-2000M-230TIZ-4KSP (KOM2204)