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Black Rose Technology has more than 12 years experience working with Milestone Systems in deploying large scale, high security video systems to protect critical infrastructure in challenging environments and against active adversaries and kinetic threats.

We have generally found out of the many, many VMS solutions on the market, that Milestone provides the best combinations of features and capabilities allowing us to provide our clients with high performance access to video streams for critical situational awareness and long-term,  flexible storage for forensic analysis.

The critical features that have put all of our large installations to date on Milestone is the ability to integrate and extend a variety of hardware and software solutions.  Our systems generally integrate command and control capabilities above and beyond simple video capture and Milestone’s broad compatibility gives us the flexibility to deliver tailored solutions that meet client needs reliably and cost-effectively.

Black Rose Technology is a Milestone certified gold partner.

Milestone Gold Channel PartnerMilestone Certified Integration TechnicianMilestone Certified Design Engineer