Incident Report On 2021-11-21 Erbil & Koya Drone Attack

On the night of 2022-11-21, shortly after midnight, two synchronized attacks on reported PJAK (PDKI) facilities in Jazhnikan/Jejnikan (جەژنیکان) (near Erbil, verified PoI 36.342596° N, 44.006713° E) and Koya (کۆیە) (reported PoI 36.064012° N, 44.604222° E) were reported by the media and on twitter.

Reports indicate the target of the Jazhnikan attack was the village transformer which was stored inside a building and not visible from the air or the street. Accepting these reports as representative of mission intent, the necessary targeting accuracy (1–2 m CEP) is meaningfully higher than civilian GPS-based targeting is reliably capable of.

Attacks with suicide drones are a growing threat globally and represent a significant escalation of asymmetry through technology.  Novel threats such as drone attacks can be significantly re-symmetrized though integrated deployment of novel countermeasures like ESR radar optimized for drone detection, such as the Echodyne Echoguard products.

Thumbnail of Iranian PJAK Drone Strikes: 2022-11-21 pdf document
BRT-9-W-22-0008 Iranian PJAK Drone Strikes: 2022-11-21

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