Ongoing attacks on UKR Infrastructure, update 11-27

Our observations have shown ongoing impact on UKR digital infrastructure.  While most events are quickly resolved, there continues to be a strong correlation between attacks and downtime. The last week has shown some significant and sustained losses of server availability in the UKR, consistent with reports of sustained assaults on UKR critical infrastructure.

Over the monitoring period (2022-03-05 to present), the median number of servers online is 121,317 with a standard deviation of 14,201 or 11.7% of that standard deviation.  In the first few months of the conflict, significant deviations from the median were fairly rare and recovery tended to be rapid.  In the recent round of attacks, connectivity losses have been more frequent and sustained.

Graph of UKR Servers responding on port 80 over the period of the Russian invasion and day over day changes.
UKR nationwide responding servers and day-over-day changes.

(The up spike on 2022-05-06 and downspike on 2022-05-08 are due to date collection timing anomalies)

A summary of significant activity shows the nadir of server response to date was 2022-08-22 when two days of significant losses left only 72,071 servers responding.  Despite an increased tempo of infrastructure attacks, server response recovery remains strong.

The below table shows dates of significant losses as the percentage of servers live and the day-over-day loss relative to median.


UKR Server Connectivity Significant Activity

The most significant single day change to date was detected on 2022-11-16 following the 2022-11-15 missile campaign, which knocked out almost half of all servers (and more than half relative to median).

Losses have generally exceeded recovery such that total server responses are trending below median, 2022-11-24 also representing a one-day loss of almost 3⨉ the standard deviation.

UKR server data responding 2022-11-24
UKR Server Response Map 2022-11-24

A video (3840×1980 resolution, expand on a 4k screen for maximum readability) shows the reported data over the sampling period to 2022-11-27.

Summary data is updated daily at

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