Incident Report on 2021-04-14 Erbil Drone Attack

On 14 April, the US base at the Erbil Airport was hit by an attack widely reported as a drone attack.  The explosion was substantial, meaningfully louder than the 15 February 107mm rocket attacks.  While circumstantial, the evidence suggests a far heavier payload than modified consumer drones can carry and almost certainly implies the use of military drone technology of Iranian origin.

Attacks with suicide drones are new to the KRG region and represent a significant escalation of asymmetry through technology.  Novel threats such as drone attacks can be significantly mitigated though integrated deployment of novel countermeasures, such as ESR radar optimized for drone detection, such as the Echodyne Echoguard products.

New Thermal Solution for Real-Time Detection of Targets Over 38°C

BRT offers a new thermal screening solution configured for real time detection of individuals showing temperatures over 38°C based on the calibrated Mobotix M16 EST Thermal Radiometry camera. When the camera detects a target over 38°C there is a an immediate alert, no operator skill is required. The camera takes 9 measurements per second and is capable of screening multiple individuals simultaneously for accurate, high volume screening.

This solution is approved for distribution in accordance with the U.S. FDA’s COVID-19 Emergency policy for telethermographic systems.

Fever Detected
Real Time Fever Detection

We have a data sheet for three basic application-specific configurations:

Fever Screening Data Sheet

and a white paper describing the key technical details of system:

Fever Screening White Paper

The technology behind these systems is in high demand world-wide.  Please contact us for details and availability.